New paper

Predicting drug-induced hepatotoxicity – such as steatosis – and identifying its mechanisms can benefit from Mitologics’ technology and expertise. That is the topic of our latest research article published in April 2024 in Toxicological Sciences.

To investigate these capacities of Mitologics’ tests and know-how, 32 steatogenic and 13 nonsteatogenic drugs were tested for their ability to inhibit mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation (mtFAO) in mitochondria isolated from mouse liver.

The set of predictive toxicology tests showed a sensitivity and a positive predictive value above 88% to anticipate the occurrence of drug-induced steatosis in patients.

The combination of these predictive toxicology tests with our established MiToxView® approach can thus help to identify potential hepatotoxic drugs early at the drug discovery stage and bring a better understanding of the mechanisms of drug-induced hepatotoxicity.

A heartfelt thanks to Bernard Fromenty, PhD co-leader of the EXPRES team (NuMeCan, Inserm, University of Rennes 2) and his team, with whom Mitologics has been working since 2009.

This collaboration, part of the project MITOXDRUGS, has been supported by the ANR (Project ANR-16-CE18-0010, Programme PRCE 2016-2019).