Toxicity Services

Powerful safety assays for therapeutic, cosmetic, and agro-chemical compounds

Many compounds are mitochondrio-tropic due to their electric charge. Consequently, they can trigger significant mitochondrial perturbations linked to severe health outcomes in humans. Mitochondrial toxicity leads directly to deleterious off-target effects, such as hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, or haemato-toxicity. Therefore, mitochondrial toxicity constitutes a central point when seeking to determine the safety of any promising therapeutic molecule or cosmetic or agro-chemical compound.

To improve early prediction of compound-induced mitochondrial toxicity in humans, we developed MiToxView®. This medium-throughput in vitro screening platform detects loss of mitochondrial function and integrity in isolated mitochondria and human cells from various organs: liver, heart, kidney, lung, muscle, etc.         

With MiToxView®, drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and its deleterious consequences can be evaluated by assessing:

The risk of potential mitochondrial toxicity in humans can be determined for a large variety of compounds whatever their natures  – chemical, peptide, antibody, recombinant protein, siRNA, or gene expression vector, as well as natural extracts or other ingredients.