Mitologics is 15 years old!

“If you bring enthusiasm to your work, it feels like play”. Mitologics team reunited earlier in June to celebrate – playfully! – the 15th anniversary of the company, our journey going by this say by the Nobel Prize laureate.

At Mitologics, we work hard day in and day out to make our biotech the best possible provider of performant assays to track and analyse the mitochondrial effects of biologics or chemicals. But we are also committed to making our performant, and well-renown, company an enthusiastic, cosy, and family-like, workplace. And that’s what the whole team took time to acknowledge and celebrate. Even the famously temperamental Paris weather, agreed that only a perfect sunset could keep up with our story.

Dear clients, colleagues, and friends, thanks to all of you who made this possible by entrusting us with your ideas and projects.

Dear team, thanks for the competence, commitment, and energy you bring daily to Mitologics.

We are looking forward to the next bright chapter of our journey.