Test your compound's capacity to prevent or reduce the burden of stress and aging

Ageing and environmental factors can both lead to mitochondrial damage and dysfunction.

At Mitologics, the MitoXpert® platform can be used to assess the efficacy of innovative ingredients designed as anti-ageing and slimming aides.

Defective mitochondria produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) creating oxidative stress within cells; mitochondria themselves are also the targets of ROS – creating a vicious circle or cellular ROS feedback loop. Excessive ROS may induce irreversible damage to mtDNA or mitochondrial membrane lipids and proteins, resulting in further mitochondrial dysfunction. Anti-ageing strategies could be designed to stimulate mitochondrial activity or protect mitochondria from oxidative stress.

Modulating mitochondrial activity through the uncoupling effect, and activation of mitochondrial biogenesis can also have a beneficial impact in adipose tissue, reducing the fat mass by oxidising fatty acids. This change in metabolism leads to trans-differentiation of white adipocytes to a brown-like phenotype, as part of effective weight-loss strategies to induce a slimming effect.

With MitoXpert®, you can assess the efficacy of ingredients on key mitochondrial functions linked to:

As an alternative to animal testing, our assays performed on cultured human cells or isolated mitochondria from human cell lines, allow stakeholders in the cosmetics industry to gain an understanding of the mechanisms underlying the protective properties of new ingredients.