Advanced Therapies 2024

Mitologics will be at the largest Europe’s cell and gene therapy conference and exhibition: Advanced Therapies 2024.

Annie Borgne-Sanchez is looking forward to meeting you in London on March 19 and 20 at the Pavilion 11 of the French Biotherapy Network. MabDesign Network and MabDesign, thanks for the opportunity to team up for this event.

Stop by our stand or schedule a meeting to discuss mitochondria-related bio-assays that could be of interest to your work.

Mitologics can help to track and analyse dysfunctional mitochondria and test compounds aiming to restore function in case of mitochondrial genetic diseases > see more

Mitologics offers methods to analyse the metabolic activity of immune cells helping to develop more effective and adaptive T cell therapies > learn more

Mitologics SAS has been tracking and analysing the mitochondrial effects of chemicals or biologics through in vitro testing in healthy and pathological environments since 2009. As a CRO, we also perform R&D studies and advise pharma, biotech, cosmetic, chemistry, and agrochemistry companies, as well as academic researchers from all over the world.