HepaRG Webinar

Biopredic International event

Always by your side to grow HepaRG Knowledge!
We’re hosting distinguished experts in their fields in a single webinar to help you gain more insights into HepaRG applications.

📅 Date: October 6th, 2023 🕒 Time: 10am to 12 pm CET 🌐 Plateform: Zoom

🧬Session 1: The human HepaRG cell line: a brief history of its use in genetic toxicology: advantages, limits and future directions.
🔍Speaker: Ludovic LE HEGARAT, Toxicologist at ANSES, Time: 10am-10:40am

🔋Session 2: Detection of potential drug-induced liver injury due to mitochondrial damage
🔍Speaker: Annie BORGNE-SANCHEZ, MITOLOGICS, Time: 10:40am-11:20am

🔁Session 3: Gene transfer in HepaRG™ cells: Application to the modulation of liver specific functions in hepatocytes
🔍Speaker: Pascal Loyer PhD, INSERM, Time: 11:20am -12pm